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Outfit yourself like an operator with any of our great selection of MOLLE vests and chest rigs from trusted brands like Voodoo Tactical, NcSTAR and others!

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The Neo Chest Rig is a lightweight platform constructed of a laser-cut proprietary heavy-duty nylon laminate. In addition to the large main platform, it includes a removable 8" x 8" bib with laser cut slots for pouches and a top-access hook and loop pocket. The removable shoulder straps and belt are constructed with our celebrated neoprene padding, making this rig the most stable and ...

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A Chest Rig for Every Occasion. It's important for those in the line of duty, and those in charge of gear acquisition, to remember that the mission drives gear. Before this principle can be followed, the objective itself must be clearly defined and established. For those not in such positions, it can be tempting to spend time and money on gear ...

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Shotgun kit recommendations. Hey everyone! So I just signed up for a shotgun course in the new year, and it just hit me: I don't have anything in terms of kit. I bought a bunch of shotgun cards. And have a ferro slickster with an esstac placard I can throw them.

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Since I don't own a rifle, a shotgun / pistol rig is the way I roll. I am non-LE and non-Mil, so this is just for a personal rig for home. This is actually a picture from another member's post. The shotgun pouch is a dedicated pouch that holds 12 rounds, and only works oriented in this fashion (which I happen to like). There is the original thread:

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I picked up the Condor MCR4 OPS Chest Rig, and three of the MA61 Shotgun Reload Pouches from Their prices were the best I could find anywhere, and they had a 20% off deal running through the month. I placed the order on Saturday, it shipped on Monday, and I received it on Wednesday.

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May 2, 2016 - Explore Joey Muñoz's board "Shotgun Chest Rigs" on Pinterest. See more ideas about chest rig, shotgun, rigs.

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It is not unusual to find a chest rig for carbines, rifles, and SMGs. However there aren't many dedicated shotgun rigs. The Original SOE 12 Gauge Micro Rig is John's offering to shotgun users that want something more than a pocket full of shells but less than a full blown PC with 96 rounds of buckshot and 10 pounds of other gear.

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This setup will not work for everyone and is very specific to my job but I hope it at least serves as a primer for those of you looking to set up a …

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I've been making my own shotgun shell cards for a while now but this past weekend, I made a chest rig for them! I did most of it on Sunday, decided to change the strap setup and finished it Tuesday night. It had X straps originally and sat in the center of my chest but I wanted it on my right side so I changed the shoulder strap to a bandoleer style and it …

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Now:$104.00 - $112.00. The Minimalist Assault Chestrig (MAC) is based on the same design principles as the Underground Partisan Chestrig, but with the added capability to carry 4x double-stack pistol magazines. This rig is as minimalist as it gets, while still being able to carry a comprehensive rifle and handgun load-out.

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Personal Loadout Rig. While roll-away loadout bags are great options, it is also wiser to have a personal carrier. Take this Mayflower Chest Rig, for instance, or the CVLIFE Adjustable Hunting Military Molle Style Tactical Vest. These carrier types can help hold your battle-for-survival essential without restricting mobility while ensuring ease ...

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Classifieds. 2.3k. Location:Port St Lucie, Florida. Share. Posted May 29, 2018. I use a Carbon arms backbone (24 rounds) of shotgun on a chest rig for shotgun only matches when I need to carry 40+ shotgun rounds for very large shotgun stages. Otherwise, I run 2 invictus practical 8up carriers.

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This Chest rig is 16" long & 7" tall, the entire length of the rig is one large document pouch which is loop velcro lined so you can add extra hook backed gear/ammo cards & pouches to the inside, some people even use our velcro backed holster and run a pistol in the document pouch. The outside has 3 fold open pouches which each hold 18, 12 guage shotgun shells. 6 Shells are …

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View Product. Condor MCR6 MOLLE 5.56 .223 Magazine Pouch Rapid Assault Chest Rig. As low as $35.95. View Product. Condor MCR4 Adjustable Harness OPS Chest Rig Panel. As low as $28.95. View Product. Condor 242 Modular Padded …

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How to Set Up Your Shotgun. In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves answers viewer questions about his setup for his @Beretta 1301 Shotgun that he used at the @Thunder Ranch combat shotgun course. In particular, viewers asked about James' chest rig, sidesaddle, and optic, how they worked, and his opinion of the gear.

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Chest Rig Hazards. Chest rigs hinder heat management. Your torso, along with your head, is a high blood-flow region that your body uses to dispel heat. By covering it with a chest rig, you limit the usable surface area for cooling off. Mounting gear higher on your chest puts more strain on your core muscles.

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Reading the article got me to thinking about the Type 56 SKS chest rig I wore in the woods hunting as a kid- it was perfect for carrying shotgun shells, a couple of packs of nabs, a can of Vienna sausages, and a candy bar, with room left …

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PALS – (Pouch Attachment System) this is the webbing on the chest rig that is set up on a row and column design. When talking about the size of a chest rig we usually talk about the size in rows and columns. As an example the OSOE Micro Rig is 8 x 3 (8 columns by 3 rows), they make different sizes now for it but you get the point.

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Chest rig for shotgun cards? Hey all, as the title states I'm looking for the best way to carry additional shotgun cards. Currently using Esstac cards and want to see what other people are using to carry them. I have a spare Spiritus Microfight that I want to setup, but don't know the best way to go about it and am looking for some inspiration.

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Rank No. #3. Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Desert Tan Chest Rig 25 Round 12 & 20 GA Gauge Elastic Universal Shotgun Shot Shell Cartridge Ammo Ammunition Holder Carrier Hunting Harness Vest with Hidden Internal Document Map Utility Pocket. Shotgun Chest Rig Holds 25 Rounds of Shells. 5 Row & 5 Column Configuration.

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SINGLE STACK RIG. Here is a Single Stack ELS rig that can easily be changed out to Production Class when changing classes. In this setup, use the 771 pouch in the first reload location as seen in the single stack rig, and then the model 773 closed front pouches with the rest of the magazines for extra security.

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Webcorp, inc. dba Tactical Sh*t 4110 North Service Road Saint Peters, MO 63376; Retail Store Questions: 636-244-3424; FFL/Firearms Questions: 636-685-0701

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I finally decided on my setup today and ordered up what I need for a dedicated shotgun chest rig. I should be able to comfortably carry around 54 rounds with 26 being readily available without having to rely on the ESS cards which will ride in M4 pouches.

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Chest rig for shotgun cards? Hey all, as the title states I'm looking for the best way to carry additional shotgun cards. Currently using Esstac cards and want to see what other people are using to carry them. I have a spare Spiritus Microfight that I want to setup, but don't know the best way to go about it and am looking for some inspiration.

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Condor MCR7 Ronin Chest Rig (25) $34.95. Blackhawk Commando Chest Harness (9) $122.99. Blackhawk Omega Elite Tactical Vest (3) $155.99. Condor MCR1 Condor Modular Chest Rig I (5) $38.95. Blackhawk Omega Elite Tactical Vest EOD (2) $151.99. Elite Survival Systems Ammo Adapt Tactical Vest (3) $127.16.

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Beth Walker's 3 Gun Setup. It took a few years for me to completely settle on the gear that I use for 3 Gun. We went through different guns, magazine holders, holsters, magazines, and range bags ...