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California Unarmed Security Guard Card Affordable Guard Card Training. We offer the full suite of California Guard Card courses, including: . Full 40-hours BSIS Unarmed Skills Training Course for Security Guards; Chemical Agents (OC/Pepper spray)

Security Training Center

14-hour course (8 hours classroom, 6 hours range) in the carrying and use of firearms given by a Bureau-certified firearms training instructor at a Bureau certified training facility. The firearm training course is designed to teach students basic technical aspects and legal responsibilities inherent in carrying and using a firearm.

C.A.S. & Sons Protective Group

CAS & Sons Protective Group . NOW offering on-line classes as well as in-house classes. C.A.S. & Sons Protective Group provides excellent and quantitative security training with passion and professionalism to our customers in order to meet California State BSIS Certification or any state for Private Patrol Security Companies and Security Officers.

Armed Guard Private Security, Inc.

Armed Guard Private Security, Inc. 50 Landing Circle, Chico, CA 95973. Office Phone: (530) 751-3218

Guaranteed Legal in California - Pepper Spray Store

Guaranteed Legal in California. Our "You Don't Have to Guess" Promise... If you are over the age of 18 and have not been convicted of a felony or an assault- we guarantee* any pepper spray, self defense, or security product listed on this page is legal to ship/use/carry in the state of California at the time of purchase.

Are Security Guards Allowed to Carry Pepper Spray ...

Security guards are allowed to carry pepper spray in California, but there are rules and regulations you must be in compliance with. For example: Unless you have special training and certification, you aren't allowed to have more than 2.5 ounces of pepper spray or any tear gas. California Penal Code §12403.5 stipulates that a person holding ...

Oc Pepper Spray Instructor Training

OC Pepper Spray Certification Online Course. Course Show details . 6 hours ago On-line 4 hour course certifies Security Guards are trained and proficiant in the use of O.C,Tear Gas and Pepper Spray as perscribed in B&P code 7583.35 and PC 22835. Meets standards of TiTle 16 CA code of regulations section 643 for Security Training.Price for …

Baton Training | Valley Guard Training

Baton Training. Before you can lawfully carry a baton on duty, you'll need to have: A valid California Guard Card or a copy of your guard card printout. As a licensed baton training facility (TFB 1336), Valley Guard Training can help you get the training you need to carry a baton. Both Guard Card applicants and licensed security guards are ...

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Call (323) 767-8484. Advance in Security! with our California guard card training in Los Angeles. Meeting all your security guard training needs! Schedule now: 6400 e. Washington blvd commerce ca 90040.

Security Guard Training Regulation - California

Division 7 of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations. ARTICLE 9. SKILLS TRAINING COURSE FOR SECURITY GUARDS § 643. SKILLS TRAINING COURSE FOR SECURITY GUARDS (a) The course of skills training for registered security guards shall follow the standards prescribed by section 7583.6(b) of the Business and Professions Code.

Chemical Agent / OC / Pepper Spray Training & …

Get certified with Pepper Spray Training at Pacific West Academy in Los Angeles. Learn the skills to effectively carry a chemical agent. Get hands-on training and experience with chemical agents. For anyone with an interest in the fields of security and protection, the ability to carry and safely handle chemical agents is vital.

BSIS Baton Certification - McGrew & Associates, Inc.

If you take the Guard Card Class with us, our Handcuff/OC Pepper Spray Class is only $45.00 per certification. Please call to reserve your spot in the Handcuff/OC Class (Non-Returning Student Price $50 per certification).

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2-Day Citizens Self Defense Training; B.S.I.S. Baton Certification Course; B.S.I.S. Exposed Firearm Certification; B.S.I.S. Guard Card; Firearms Requalification; Loss Prevention; GUARD CARD 16 hrs Module I; GUARD CARD 16 hrs Module II; GUARD CARD – 40 HRS. / COMBINED ALL 3; School Security Guard (SB 1626) Pepper Spray/Tear Gas Certification ...

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BSIS ECD/Taser & Pepper Spray Training. We offer Taser & Pepper Spray training for security guards at our Chico certified and approved BSIS Baton training facility. Security guards from Yuba City and Oroville take the short trip to our Chico training facility to become certified or stay in compliance with their baton permit.

Security Guard Certification | Indio, CA

California CCW Class Schedule. Friday: 8 am to 5pm with appointment. Saturday: 8am to 5pm with appointment. (ALL Range Qualifications) Friday: : 2p m to 5pm with appointment. Saturday: 2pm to 5pm with appointment. Tasers & Pepper Spray. Protect yourself and your loved ones with our Pepper Spray and TASER™ training from our experienced ...

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Our experienced trainers offer classes in firearms shooting and safety, self-defense, Guard Card, exposed firearm permit, pepper spray, taser safety and use, pepper spray/OC spray certification, first aid, CPR/AED, Stop the Bleed, and medical trauma response courses that …

California Guard Card - Guard Training Center

All permits an d certification for Advancement in Public Safety Careers: **Exposed Firearms Permit ** California guard card training **Tactical Handcuffing **Chemical Agents (Pepper Spray) **TASER Pulse Certification **BSIS required 40 hour Certificates

Training for Security Guards | Security Guard Certification

By California state regulation, any security guard who carries any chemical agent (Pepper Spray or Mace) must have completed an approved course of instruction in the use of chemical agents at a state licensed training facility. This online course satisfies the state requirement for training in the use of pepper spray.

Security Guard Training Classes | Valley Guard Training

Security Guard Training Classes. At Valley Guard Training, we offer everything from California Guard Card classes to the BSIS firearms course, Baton & ASP training, Pepper spray, Continuing Education, and beyond. Our friendly, knowledgeable instructors are available 7 days a week. Or you can check out our online Guard Card classes and get the ...

$35 Affordable Chemical Agents Guard Card Training

Enroll in this course only if you already hold a BSIS Guard Card and wish to add Chemical Agents (tear gas/pepper spray) qualification. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be issued a Certificate of Training and Identification for carrying Tear Gas and Pepper Spray. Cost: $35.00. Our students are given hard-plastic ...

California Continuing Education | Valley Guard Online

California Continuing Education. If you already have your Guard Card, this bundle gives you everything you need to meet the BSIS 32-hour continuing education training requirements. You get instant access to every course as soon as you sign up. Our system will track what lessons and classes you've finished, so you can work through them in any ...

CLASSES - CPSA | California Private Security Academy

Pepper Spray Certification (includes Class, State & Live Scan Fee) ... At California Private Security Training Academy we offer training to the highest standards, and have been doing so since 2007. State License Numbers TFF 1176 TFB 1251. CONTACT US. [email protected]

BSIS Guard Card & Security Certifications – Police Science ...

Upon completion of this course and a score of 70% or better on the exam, you will be issued a Tear Gas and Pepper Spray Certification and become eligible to carry pepper spray and tear gas on the job. Times Available. Offered two Wednesdays a month from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. (See Calendar for class schedule)

Pepper Spray (CA BSIS Security Guard Chemical Agents ...

This is a Law Enforcement -Security OC/Pepper Spray certification course, which meets and exceeds requirements stated in Title 16, California Code of Regulations, Section 643 for security offficer training. Officers will learn strategies and tactics for the defensive use of pepper spray.

All Classes – Police Science Institute

If so, California penal code requires you to complete training and obtain a license before you are legally allowed to carry pepper spray or tear gas on the job. Police Science Institute can fulfill these requirements by offering a Tear Gas / Pepper Spray class.

California Pepper Spray Laws, Rules, and Regulations ...

California views pepper spray as an effective means of personal protection and self-defense.. It is legal for you to carry and use pepper spray to protect your personal safety without a state or federal permit. However, …

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services - California

Can I carry a firearm, baton, and/or pepper spray while licensed as a Proprietary Private Security Officer (PSO)? No, a PSO is an unarmed individual and cannot carry a weapon. Is there a training requirement when obtaining a PSO registration?

Security Guard Training in California - Get your Guard Card

Delta Security OC Pepper Spray Certified Instructor; American Red Cross First Aid and CPR; We are duly insured and protected for professional firearms and security training, with a business license in the City of Torrance, California. Additionally, we have an office in Oceanside, California with plans to expand to other regions.

Self Defense - Counter Assault

California: No person shall purchase, possess, or use any pepper spray that contains more than 2.5 ounces (70.875 grams) net weight of aerosol spray. (The OC10-2F, PDF-2 and SD-2 are all 40 grams, so we can ship these items to California. Our Bear Pepper Spray is legal and registered in California.)

California Pepper Spray Laws and Legal Use

Pepper spray is LEGAL to buy, use, carry and ship to California (*with below restrictions). Pepper spray canisters must be less than 2.5 oz. User must be at least 18 years of age. User cannot be addicted to narcotic substances. User cannot have a convicted felony on record. Must be used only for self defense.

Advanced Security Training - Downey Adult School

Permits include: California Guard Card, Firearms Permits (up to 4 calibers), State Baton Card and Chemical Agents/OC Peppers Spray, CPR/First Aid (valid for 2 year) and SB-1626 School Police Training certification. Cost: TBD (includes registration, class materials, State Certifications, live scan, CPR/First Aid and insurance).

Triple Instructor Certification Handcuffing / OC Spray ...

Triple Instructor Certification Handcuffing…. An intensive 5-day program to train instructors in Handcuffing, Oleoresin Spray and the Police Baton (Fixed or Expandable). This is a law enforcement instructor course developing integration concepts within the less lethal options used by law enforcement and civilian security operations.

CA Baton Permit Training Course | Southwest Training Center

Law Enforcement and Public Safety Training Division. "Train for when it Counts". LOCATIONS: Classrooms: 6200 Wilmington Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90001. Contact Us. [email protected] (310) 650-68 96. Send a Message.

Pepper Spray Course and Certification in Palm Springs

Pepper spray classes and certification in Palm Springs, California OCAT ® Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training Course (Pepper Spray) Our instructor, Shaun Sundahl, is certified and authorized by Personal Protection Consultants, …